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A King is Born at Cokethorpe

The Pre-Prep pulled out all the stops with their two fantastic performances of A King is Born in the Corinthian Room on Friday 8 December.

The audience arrived just in time to snuggle up by the fire and see the story of the very first Christmas, as Mum, played by Darcy Atkinson (Year 2, Baker) read to her two children played by Henry Turner (Year 2, Symonds) and Isabella Filo (Year 2, Lockwood), with help from Granny, played by Beatrice Kendall (Year 2, Symonds) on an exciting Christmas Eve.

Everyone was treated to some wonderful acting, with Joseph Palmer (Year 1, Gwyn) as bossy Caesar and his census-takers, took to the stage. Bobbie Hunt (Year 2, Symonds) made a wonderful Angel Gabriel, who delivered her important message to Mary, played well by Helier Haynes (Year 2, Gwyn). A whole host of Angels from Reception Class also appeared to some very surprised Shepherds, played by Pearl Geraghty (Year 1, Gwyn) and Titus McCormick (Year 1, Gwyn).

Hordes of people followed the star to the stable to gaze with awe and wonder at the baby Jesus including our wonderful Three Wise Men, played by Scarlett Gould (Year 1, Lockwood), Mia Beechy (Year 1, Symonds) and Edward Longman (Year 1, Baker).

Mrs Mace created some fantastic costumes and the children acted and sang beautifully throughout. This charming performance definitely filled everyone with Christmas cheer! 

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