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Global Awareness Week

‘Towards the end of this half-term students were treated to the second Focus Week of the year.

This was following on from the highly successful STEM Week organised by Miss Clarke with the support of staff from all STEM departments and PE. Global Awareness Week, which ran from the 27th November to the 1st December, sought to promote engagement and interest in global themes such as immigration, environmentalism, global trade and wealth inequality. As such, the Masters of Scholars, Miss Murray and Mr Phipps, were delighted to receive the inspirational help and expertise of so many members of staff and students in designing the programme.

This help materialised, first, in a series of mini-‘Plinth Lectures’ delivered by members of the Sixth Form, covering topics such as the globalisation of football and Catalan Independence, and a series of lunchtime lectures delivered by staff. These latter, in-depth lectures touched upon subjects close to our teachers’ hearts as well as their areas of expertise, including the failure of globalisation, the ethical cost of colonialism, the economics of happiness, maps and their meaning and the work of the Amos Trust in Palestine.

We were also fortunate enough to have our internal lecture programme supplemented by some inspirational guest speakers, including Dr Donal Lowry of Oxford Brookes, who addressed historians and economists from the Upper School on the subject of Globalisation and Colonialism. In conjunction with the global Monopoly game that was played during Registration, some intriguing ‘thought experiments’, a film screening, a bake sale and the Inequality Day Lunch – which provided staff and students alike with a visible and, to some participants, indigestible manifestation of inequality in action – Global Awareness Week created a powerful and lasting impression that will stay with many of us for a long while, and we look forward with anticipation to the first Focus Week of the new year.’

Mr Phipps


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