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Perfect Pied Piper Performance

'The Junior School transported their audience to the picturesque town of Hamelin with two excellent performances on Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 November in The Shed. 

Mrs Du Feu’s exciting adaptation of the classic Pied Piper story had us watching through the eyes of a 1920’s film production crew, directed ably by Jackson Brewer (Year 5, Lockwood) with their ever-persistent tea-lady, Ethel, Grace Clear (Year 5, Lockwood) as they ‘shot’ the story in a comedic sub-plot. 

A host of delightful songs, accompanied by a live band, linked the scenes and there were many stand-out solo vocal performances.

Findlay Knox (Year 6, Baker) played the greedy Mayor brilliantly alongside his group of suited ‘Corporation’ who refused to do anything about the vermin infestation in the town. The Pied Piper, Monty Bolton (Year 6, Lockwood) and his two assistants, Tegan Buckingham (Year 6, Baker) and Charlotte Sales (Year 6, Symonds) treated the audience to a hilarious rap describing the Piper’s suitability for the task. 

Once again, Mrs Mace excelled, with a colourful array of costumes across the board. The whole rat community came to life, with an inspired headgear and makeup combination, in partnership with Mrs Hammond. 5KP was led confidently by Rat Leader ‘Ratticus Finch’ Archie Clarke (Year 5, Gwyn)  and their energetic rock’n’roll song-and-dance, ‘Rat Pack’, was a highlight of the show. Amelia Atkinson (Year 5, Symonds) as old rat ‘Rosalie’, along with Year 3 as the ‘Young Rats’, performed an enchanting ballet and song Sweet Sweet Music about the hypnotic sound of the Pied Piper’s pipe (played by Mrs Mersh). 

After much celebrating in Hamelin following the sad demise of the rats, and the ‘Big-wigs’ refusal to pay the Piper, he took revenge by hypnotising and taking the children of the town. This was followed by a most poignant song What shall we do without our children?including a beautiful solo from Abigail Shaw (Year 4, Baker), before the Mayor finally gets his comeuppance.

The technically challenging audio-visual aspects added to the high-quality production, with moody lighting set-pieces and carefully chosen musical links, supported by creative digital backdrops. 

It was wonderful to see every child from Year 3 to Year 6, in different stages of their Drama development journey, perform together on stage. From the Citizens with their Children, to the put-upon Town Cryer and the other leads, they all displayed exceptional levels of professional competence. 

The play captured everyone’s imagination in an experience that will resonate for a long time.'

 Sarah Du Feu








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