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Choral Evensong

On Thursday 19 October some parents, staff and pupils gathered with the School Choir and Chaplain for Choral Evensong at 4.15pm in the Church of St Mary the Virgin, the School Chapel. After a stirring hymn that encouraged us to live life courageously (Father, hear the prayer we offer), we followed the traditional order of Choral Evensong that is based on Cranmer's Evening Prayer of 1549. 

After a memorable rendering of Psalm 94, set to music by Lukas Russell (Lower Sixth, Gascoigne) the Choir sang the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis by Charles Wood (1866-1926), the Preces and Responses by Richard Ayleward (1626-1669) and an Anthem by John Taverner (1944-2013). The Readings from 2 Kings 9: 17-37 and Acts 27: 27-44 contrasted the death of unrighteous Jezebel with the survival of righteous Paul, who finally reached Malta after the onslaughts of a terrible storm at sea. Lukas also played the Processional by William Mathias (1934-1992) at the end. Our heartfelt thanks to the School Choir, Mr Hughes and Miss Mitchell, Mr Fenton and Lukas Russell, and also to Terry McNamara for playing the organ during the rest of the Service.

Rev Ian Howard, School Chaplain


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