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'This month saw the year anniversary of the introduction of Cokethorpe Junior School’s Book Club – and what a year it was. With author visits, Skype sessions, a live Twitter Q&A and over 300 extra books being read across the whole School, it has certainly been a success.

To celebrate this milestone, on 17 November, we were joined by Junior School parent, TV presenter, artist, and now author, Jay Jay Burridge, to launch this half term’s Book Club title, Supersaurs: Raptors of Paradise. His newly released book, takes readers into the world of Supersaurs, where dinosaurs never died out and live together with humans. Mr Burridge’s book combines fantastic story-telling with innovative new technology, where state-of-the-art augmented reality allows the illustrations to literally leap off the page and into the real world.

On the crisp, frost-covered morning of the launch, pupils and parents were greeted by a formidable looking,  three-metre high, tyrant (a vicious, carnivorous dinosaur from the book!) who seemed to be standing guard over the School’s Mansion House. As the excitement built, Jay Jay then gave a fascinating talk about his writing process, the world he has created and even showed off the impressive technology used to bring his illustrations to life.

After the assembly - in partnership with Witney Waterstones - Supersaurs was available for purchase, which Mr Burridge then signed and personalised for the children.

It was a extremely successful day, with over two-thirds of the School now reading the book. Mr Burridge will be returning to Cokethorpe Junior School at the end of the term to meet and discuss the story with Book Club – an event which is certain to be popular with children throughout the School.'

Mr Sumpter

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