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Sketching and Sunshine

'In late October, we visited Barcelona alongside a group of Fifth and Sixth Form art students.

The weekend was full of many different interesting, historical and artistic locations. For example, on the first day we visited Park Guell and had a lovely morning in the sun, sketching and painting from the amazing Gaudi constructions. The Sagrada Família Cathedral was a particularly stunning piece of architecture and one of our favourite locations we visited. The stunning display of light streaming in through the stained glass windows and the added running commentary from Mr Lawson made it an incredibly enjoyable day.

We also visited the Macba Museum, which displayed an interesting variety of contemporary art. Then, we visited the Picasso Museum, which gave us a great insight into his journey as an artist from his early years until his death.

We also had an interesting dip into Spanish cuisine at the market, exploring and photographing the streets, and a relaxing time drawing by the harbour, including some rest and relaxation on the beach on our last day. Overall, it was a brilliant, inspiring and educational trip!'

Hannah Whitaker (Lower Sixth, Harcourt) and Katie Reid (Lower Sixth, Harcourt)

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