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Equestrian Team Triumphs

‘At the beginning of half term, Cokethorpe Equestrian Team were at the NSEA National Championships, where they had qualified for all three disciplines; Dressage, Show Jumping and Jumping with Style.

On the first day, Ella Cammack (Fourth Form, Swift), Isabella Smith (Third Form, Queen Anne), Faith Jolleys (First Form, Queen Anne) and Freya Soden (Second Form, Swift) competed in both the Show Jumping and the Jumping with Style, finishing in the top ten in both picking up wonderful rosettes and prizes. They were the only team to post clear results in both classes.

The next day Camilla Kilgour (Fifth Form, Swift) and Maddie May (Third Form, Vanbrugh) joined Ella Cammack for the National Dressage Team Championships. Losing Ezme Pickford (Fifth Form, Vanbrugh) through illness that morning meant that the team unfortunately did not manage a top ten finish for the clean sweep!

This is the first time that Cokethorpe had teams in all disciplines at the National Championships and each and every one of them couldn’t have ridden better.

As if this was not enough of a triumph for Cokethorpe Equestrian Team, they rode at the first qualifying competition of the year for the highly prestigious Royal Windsor Horse Show on Saturday 11 November.  

New member to the 90cm Show Jumping team, Freya Soden proved to be a solid addition to the team, followed by Faith Jolleys, Ella Cammack and Isabella Smith who all did very well.  

It was thanks to Isabella being the fifth fastest of the day and Ella also in the top ten that the team finished second and qualified. This is the third year in a row that Cokethorpe have qualified and now need to try to emulate their predecessors by being placed in May.

The Royal Windsor Horse Show will take place in May 12 2018.’

Nicola Cammack

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