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Tangled Up in Tangrams

On Tuesday 7 November four Year 4 Mathematicians took part in the Maths Challenge in Oxford. They had a fantastic afternoon competing in many rounds of challenging maths problems.

Dicey Dicey was the first round, in which pupils had to rapidly solve mental maths calculations. The second fast-paced round was called What Next? and the young mathematicians puzzled over what would come next in ascending and descending sequences including fractions and decimals. Make 24 required all four given numbers to be used in reached the target number of 24. The last number round involved the notorious Fruit and Vegetable Alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet was worth a different amount and pupils had to calculate the cost of various fruit and vegetables.

The final two rounds were Tangrams Quads and Domino Jigsaws. The young mathematicians manipulated tangram pieces to create quadrilaterals. Given an image of a set dominoes fitted together as one big grid of dots and no boundaries between pieces, pupils faced the task of working out how the set of dominoes had been arranged.

Throughout the afternoon, there was an atmosphere of excitement and energy, as over one hundred, enthusiastic, young mathematicians eagerly tackled the puzzles before them.

The four Junior School pupils worked incredibly hard and enthusiastically all afternoon to earn as many points as possible in their pairs. The first pair, Héctor Garcia Martinez (Year 4, Lockwood) and Hugo Mellor (Year 4, Symonds), achieved 13th out of the 27 pairs in their category, an impressive 14th out of all 54 pairs taking part. Arthur Butler (Year 4, Gwyn) and Abigail Shaw (Year 4, Baker), the second pair, achieved 20th place in their category.

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