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Queen Anne Takes the Cup

The term was brought to an end with the Crawford Relay on Friday, October 20.

Each house had carefully selected two teams that would battle it out against each other to be crowned the Crawford Champions. The bell was sounded from the clock tower three times and the race was underway as the runners fought to place themselves in a good position as they took the first turn around the Upper Quad.

The race was filled with excitement and at some point each house had the potential to take the crown but after the fourth change over it was evident that Queen Anne were in control, and they raced their way to victory. 

In a very competitive and exciting race, every participant was valuable to their team. Congratulations to Queen Anne, and to all the fantastic runners that took part on the day! It really was a race to remember!

The results are as follows:

1: Queen Anne

2. Vanbrugh

3. Harcourt

4. Swift

5. Gascoigne

6. Feilden

Miss R Smith


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