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Roald Dahl Museum Trip

On Wednesday 4 October 2017, the Year 4 classes visited the Roald Dahl Gallery and Bucks County Museum. The gallery is a wonderfully colourful snapshot of his life, his work and things that inspired him.

Part of the visit involved the children planning, making and decorating their own, miniature, Gypsy caravan. The children are due to study Danny the Champion of the World as their class text in English lessons. In the story, the main character, Danny, lives in a caravan. Roald Dahl drew his inspiration from an old Gypsy caravan which was in the garden of his own home.

The children also enjoyed exploring The Roald Dahl Gallery where they tried many scientific experiments involving cameras and sound. They delighted in the opportunities to enter Fantastic Mr. Fox’s Tunnel, as well as James’s Giant Peach! The trip was ‘sparky’, just like Roald Dahl’s characters!








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