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Junior Maths Challenge Success

On Tuesday 11 October, four Year 6 Mathematicians took part in the Maths Challenge in Cheltenham. They had a fantastic afternoon competing in three rounds of challenging maths problems.

Find the Values was the first round, in which the children had to work through equations systematically to allocate values to a set of letters. The second round was the famous Countdown! The young mathematicians used sets of six values and any of the four operations to make as many of the target numbers as possible within the time limit. Once each solution was reached children ran to the markers, at the front of the hall, to get their work checked and earn another valuable point. The afternoon finished with The Big Event - a final round containing a variety of puzzling problems for the pairs of pupils to solve. The hall had a wonderful, buzzing atmosphere with the lively young mathematicians thoroughly enjoying themselves as they puzzled over challenging questions.

The four Junior School pupils worked incredibly hard and enthusiastically all afternoon to earn as many points as possible in their pairs. The first pair, Archie Wilkinson (Year 6, Lockwood) and Julian Graf (Year 6, Gwyn) achieved 8th place out of the 22 pairs in their category. Henry Cook (Year 6, Baker) and Patrick West (Year 6, Symonds) the second pair, achieved 11th place out of the 21 pairs in their category.  Overall Cokethorpe Junior School ranked an impressive 8th place out of the 22 schools taking part.

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