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Modernists at the V&A Museum

On Friday 6 October, Sixth Form students studying English Literature visited the Victoria & Albert Museum to learn more about the Modernist movement.

Upon arriving at the museum, students had time to browse exhibitions showcasing artefacts from industrial Britain. This allowed us to understand what the Modernists were rebelling against: order and rationality. We were then treated to an academically rigorous lecture from the museum's 20th Century curator, Johanna Agerman Ross.

This lecture probed more into the key features of Modernism and allowed us all to understand the breadth of the movement across Europe. Before departing, we studied the museum's Modernism room and saw how interior design became experimental and new in the 20th Century. This visit has given students a greater understanding of the context of the modernist movement, and its influence on the poetry they will be studying.

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