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Visiting Teachers from South Africa

'Three teachers visited Cokethorpe from the Limpopo district of South Africa who are all involved in rural schools about 100km from the main big town/city, Polokwane.

One is a Headteacher/Principal of a rural primary school of about 300 pupils and the two others are the ‘circuit managers’ – they oversee all the primary schools in the local villages. The schools in the area have in recent years started some intervention programs to help struggling/weaker pupils and this is what they have come over to England to see in action as well as general teaching strategies.

In total there are sixteen teachers visiting from the across the same area in South Africa. Their visit has been arranged by a charity local to me of which I am the secretary called ‘Choko’, which has been working with and supporting their community for a number of years.'

Mrs Lindholm

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