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LAMDA Showcase

The October LAMDA showcase featured a range of ages and grades, all performed to a high standard.

Archie Wilkinson (Year 6, Lockwood) and Monty Bolton (Year 6, Lockwood) convinced us with their rendition of The Sentry and the King as did Henry Cook (Year 6, Baker) talking of why he stole a penguin. Mae Sergeant (Year 6, Baker) and Grace Ponsford (Year 6, Symonds) ganged up against their enemy, Horrid Henry.

Arthur Eve (Fifth Form, Gascoigne) and Thomas Bird (Fifth Form, Vanbrugh) created tension in their piece concerning bullying, Cloudbusting.

Joe Ponsford (Third Form, Gascoigne) created a fantasy world of Ernie's Incredible Illucinations.

Abbey Malin (Fifth Form, Feilden) and Sasha Palfreyman (Fifth Form, Swift) entertained us by transforming into New York skyscraper builders in Sitting on Top of the World and George Kinniburgh (Fifth Form, Harcourt) was also in New York as Alfieri in A View from the Bridge.

Rebecca Hutchinson (Third Form, Swift) and Jossy Brown (Third Form, Vanbrugh) discovered one another through their mirror and Hayden Camidge (Fifth Form, Vanbrugh) revealed his passion as Dorian Gray.

Izzy Ponsford (Lower Sixth, Gascoigne) showed her audition piece and her nerves from the play Shakers.

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