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Sixth Form Wined and Dined

The welcome to Sixth Form wine tasting and dinner was a first at Cokethorpe and it gave all members of the Sixth Form community an opportunity to socialise together outside of their rigours of academic life on a daily basis. 

The evening was ‘Italian’ in theme and consisted of a presentation of Italian art with accompanying music in addition to a fantastic Italian three-course meal superbly prepared and presented by the Catering team.  The evening gave the students an opportunity to meet with their tutor in a social setting and to share the expertise advice, delivered by Mr White, about each of the wines.  In addition, Grace Henstone (Upper Sixth, Queen Anne) and James Messenger (Upper Sixth, Queen Anne) gave an excellent insight into ‘life in the Sixth Form’ and a list of top tips. 

Thanks also go to old Cokethorpean Patrick Grant (OC 2007, Swift) who attended the dinner and spoke to the students about his career path to date and his experiences whilst at Cokethorpe.

The evening ended with a concluding speech from Mike Billing (Upper Sixth, Vanbrugh), Head of School. It was a most memorable event and a great way to start off life in the Sixth Form at Cokethorpe.








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