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Harvesting the Fruits of their Labour

'On Wednesday 13 September  Year 1 and Year 2 visited the Kitchen Garden together. The Year 2 children had planted some small pumpkin plants at the end of the Summer Term. We were all amazed to see how enormous they had grown!

The children helped to harvest the pumpkins and to load them into a wheelbarrow. There were enough pumpkins for the Year 1 children to each take one home and for the Reception Class children to make pumpkin soup.

Whilst at the garden the children examined the ripe apples in the orchard and were able to choose a fruit each to enjoy. They also helped to prepare one of the planting areas by pulling up weeds and removing any stones.

Finally, we went inside the greenhouse to look at the plum tomatoes which are still green. We hope to harvest them when they are fully ripe. We very much enjoyed our walk to the Kitchen Garden and examining the fruits of our labours!'

Mrs Marchbank








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