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Year 6 in Council Chamber Debate

Year 6 children attended a council chamber to debate a motion on whether the voting age should be lowered to 16 and learn about democracy during their visit to West Oxfordshire District's Council chamber.

On their arrival they were welcomed by council chairman Norman Macrae. He explained how democratic debates take place in order to ensure that everyone wishing to speak can be heard and that time is allocated fairly for each speaker.

Democracy is part of the syllabus studied by the children who had prepared their arguments in advance and took turns to speak on the topic. At the end of the session they voted, with the majority voting against the motion.

Mr O’Connor said, 'Coming to the chamber to debate was a wonderful experience and made it realistic for the pupils. I am sure it will inspire them and is something they will never forget.'

Mr MacRae said: 'Today’s session was very lively and I thoroughly enjoyed chairing it. The level of the debate was impressive and I am full of hope for the future after seeing young people debating their views today.'

Year 6 were also given a brief insight into local democracy by councillors Duncan Enright and Julian Cooper. Democracy is important: we should hold on to it and all those who are eligible to vote, should do so. It’s important to remember that about 75 years ago in Britain we nearly lost our democracy.


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