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Year 4 Evacuated to Milestones Museum

On Wednesday 7 June, the two Year 4 classes had an exciting trip to Milestones Museum in Basingstoke. The Year 4 children dressed up as evacuees, with labels tied to their clothes, pretending that they were to be evacuated. Many carried gas masks, teddy bears and World War 2 style packed lunches, wrapped in greaseproof paper.

The museum is A Living History Museum, set out as real streets with a variety of buildings and vehicles. We were able to visit a 1930’s sweet shop, looking at the variety of different jars and watching the sweets being weighed out. We enjoyed sampling the flavours. In the toy shop we examined toys from the past, noticing how different they were from those we have today.

Whilst at the museum we had two interesting talks from characters in costume. ‘Phyllis,’ an ARP Warden told us about her job enforcing the Blackout rules. ‘Maggie’, a factory worker, talked about making shell cases and wartime vehicles. We sang wartime songs and learnt slogans such as, Careless Talk Costs Lives. We huddled in the Anderson shelter as we listened to the air raid siren.

The trip helped to bring our History Topic alive and aid our understanding.








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