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National Book Awards

'My family and I were awarded tickets by the Federation of Children’s Book Awards to go to the National Book Awards at Union Jack Club in London on Saturday 10 June.

We sat at a table with Sarah Crosnan, the famous author of  One and her publisher. My sister Aoife (Year 6, Lockwood) and I went around and got various signatures from Ali Sparkes, author of Car-Jacked, Sarah Crosnan, and Steve Cole who was presenting the awards.

Steve Cole told a story about how, he made a Hulk costume out of some lime green paint, one of his sister’s shirts he had lacerated with some scissors and torn pair of jeans! He then later went on to play two songs (written by himself) on the ukulele, which were hilarious. Overall, it was a great day out and my family and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we met some of the nicest people in the world.'

Ruari Kirkham (Second Form, Feilden)

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