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Election Week

Election fever has taken over Cokethorpe School. This week pupils and staff participated in an action packed Election Week with activities taking place across the school including soapbox talks and Q&A’s with local politicians.

After a brief introduction from organiser and Head of History and Politics, Dr Power, the week started with Mr Goulding, Head of Classical Civilisation, taking to the soapbox to deliver the first speech of the week on ‘A Short History of Democracy'. Teachers from several departments followed and stepped onto the box to discuss a wide range of political topics from the importance of voting to political protesting.

During lunchtimes there was the exclusive opportunity to hear from three of the Witney General Election candidates. Labour candidate Laetisia Carter, Liberal Democrat Liz Leffman and Conservative candidate Robert Courts each attended a lunchtime session where pupils and staff heard details of the Party policies as well as their own views on key issues. A lively Q&A followed with education running as a common theme throughout all three discussions.

Staff at Cokethorpe delivered the two remaining lunchtime sessions, giving candid insight into their own experiences within politics.

Election Week organiser and Historian, Dr Power, said: ‘I thought it was important to create a week-long event that showcased all sides of politics.

‘Most of those who turned out to view the soapboxes and attend the Q&A’s with the local politicians are too young to vote, some of them may not be voting for five or six years. However it was encouraging to see them taking an active interest in politics and this is something I look forward to seeing them develop as they move towards taking on the responsibility of joining the electoral roll.’

As the United Kingdom votes for their future government on Thursday 8 June, so will Cokethorpe School. Pupils will reflect on what they have heard during the Election Week and will get the chance to have their say in their very own election ballot. 

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