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Careers and Higher Education Fair

'The success of our Career and Higher Education Fair was evident as you observed the lively interactions around the Dining Hall at this interactive event. We had a broad range of delegates attending the Fair – BMW, Airbus Aeronautical, the Armed Forces, The NASIO Trust, BBC, RADA, along with a number of Universities including Oxford, Bath, Cardiff and Birmingham. 

We also welcomed back some of our alumni who attended with their respective delegates, including Zoe Mace (OC 2013, Harcourt), Edward Mordue (OC 2015, Queen Anne), Thomas Deabill (OC 2015, Swift) and Lois Waknell  (OC 2015, Harcourt). They all appreciated having the opportunity to give something back to the School community.

The Lower Sixth students and their parents were able to listen to talks on the UCAS process, the benefits of volunteering, how to develop employability skills and how to access the latest Sponsored Degree Apprenticeship programmes from Neilson’s.

Fourth and Fifth Form pupils had a presentation on Careers, Higher Education and the Future by Liz Reece which provided an overview of the skills and aptitudes that will be required of our young people in the fast paced and dynamic workplace that lies ahead of them.'

Mrs Holmes 

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