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Year 6 Residential

As Year 6 head towards the end of their time in the Junior School, they departed for one final adventure. Year 6 Teacher and Junior School Deputy Head, Mr O'Connor, kept the following, honest blog of the expedition.


Day 1

We arrived safely after one of the most relaxing journeys to a Year 6 Residential; no service stations and not a motorway in sight! 

Everyone settled into their dorms quickly and (quite) quietly! No major squabbles over who was having the top bunk, although Mr Sumpter was slightly disappointed his room didn't have bunk beds. 

After our evening meal we are off to play Ambush...wish us luck!

Day 2

All of the children safely tucked up in bed after a busy, almost dry, enjoyable day. 

Day 3

Our luck has run out this Wednesday as we woke to the sound of pouring rain. I also realised that I had accidentally typed in Los Angeles instead of Liddington into my weather app and was expecting to wake to clear blue skies and blazing 30 degree temperatures. That's predictive text for you! 

Despite the weather the children are remarkably upbeat and showing great resilience abseiling and jumping the trapeze as if they were on Venice Beach! One of them said to me "just think we could be at school now doing exams instead of enjoying ourselves in the rain." If only the teachers felt the same...

Day 4

Our prayers have been answered and the sun is finally shining! A beautiful morning at Liddington only spoilt by Mr Sumpter telling me it will rain this afternoon. He has been known to be wrong on the odd occasion so fingers crossed. 

The children all slept well after a wet but busy Wednesday. I would like to say the highlight of the day was the surprise visit of Mrs Cook but she was just pipped to the post by the trapeze jump and Jacobs Ladder. 

Today we are looking forward to raft building, the crate challenge, the sensory trail and the vertical challenge. 

Finally from all of us at Liddington a big Happy Birthday to Miss Naughalty who celebrates her birthday today. What more could she ask for? Mr O'Connor, Mr Sumpter and 28 children to share the day with her. Truly the stuff of dreams...








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