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It's a Bird and a Plane!

On Friday 5 May, Miss Fagan and Mrs Mersh’s Year 5 classes were incredibly lucky to attend the launch of the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team’s 2017 season at RAF Brize Norton.

The children attended the event as part of Environmental Studies Week, learning about the incredibly detailed weather forecasts needed to ensure that the parachutists can land accurately and safely, as well as the effects of air resistance and gravity on their descents. Although the team sadly could not jump due to extremely high winds, the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and the experiences that were offered.

Children were able to hold a real-life falcon, explore the insides of a Chinook and were even treated to a very low flyover from a C17 aircraft (with an airman waving out of the open cargo door!) We were then shown a video of their training dives in the US, and of their displays over the UK and overseas. The children were wowed by the impressive formation manoeuvring and asked lots of detailed and intuitive questions after the demonstration of how a parachute is released and repacked.

It was a wonderful day, with many inspired to take up the thrill of skydiving when they are a little older… A special mention must also go to Findlay Knox (Year 5, Baker), who was awarded a prize for his design of a publicity poster to advertise the Falcons Team. 







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