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Spelling Bee National Finalist

'On Tuesday 25 April, Millie Pratley (First Form, Swift), James Furlong-Price (First Form, Queen Anne) and Jamie Wehrle (First Form, Queen Anne) went to St Helen and St Katharine's School in Abingdon to take part in the Foreign Language Spelling Bee.

There were three rounds to compete in; the last four pupils would go through to the national final held at Cambridge University. After a close first round we were left with eight competitors in the semi-finals. They had to fight it out for a place in the National Final.

James and Millie did very well and were very close to getting into the semi-finals but sadly got knocked out after the first round. Jamie Wehrle, however, managed to secure a place in the National final and won the trophy for Cokethorpe. It was a very good experience and everyone really enjoyed it.'

James Furlong-Price (First Form, Queen Anne) and Jamie Wehrle (First Form, Queen Anne)

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