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Don’t Hang Back with the Brutes

'Don’t Hang Back with the Brutes' and their intellectual simplicity! Follow in the footsteps of the Lower and Upper Sixth A Level English students, who went to Birmingham on Tuesday 14 March to attend a series of lectures on one of their core dramatic texts: Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire

The silence of the attendees throughout the presentations is testament to how engaging these talks were. The topics addressed included: memory and the past, Blanche as a tragic figure, and the structure of the play. Acting as fantastic revision, the lecturers’ alternative analysis also widened our knowledge of the American classic, with one even perfecting his own acting skills on stage.

Luisa Lisi (Upper Sixth, Harcourt) said that she left feeling as though she had a 'greater insight into and understanding of the play’s themes.' Thus, feeling suitably higher than the play’s 'brutes' in the evolutionary chain, we left for home.

Charlie Hodges (Upper Sixth, Queen Anne) and Sam Mumford (Upper Sixth, Feilden)

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