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An Egg-straordinary Visit!

Egg Arrival

On Monday 27 February, the Junior School had a very special delivery of ten eggs from the Living Eggs Company. Arriving with roughly two days to go until hatching, the eggs were kept warm and humid in an incubator. Visiting children peered through the incubator glass hoping to catch a glimpse of a crack. The following day, the first cracks appeared.

Cracking Eggs!

Overnight the first two boy chicks hatched – all caught on camera by time lapse photography. On Wednesday morning, the children stood in silent anticipation as they watched two more eggs rock gently, saw small holes appear in the shells and heard muffled little chick cheeping noises coming from inside the eggs. The excitement didn’t cease as the hatching continued, until there were ninAn Egg chicks in total.

Would it be 10 out of 10?

By Thursday evening the odds of survival for the last little chick still in its egg were not looking good. The following morning, to our surprise there was progress, the crack had widened and there was a small hole. The little chick inside was the wrong way up and appeared to be unable to chip the egg open or kick his way out. Coming from within the egg was a constant stream of cheeping noises as though the chick was desperately trying to get out! Throughout the Junior School the children, and the staff, were on tender hooks awaiting the next update, hoping it would be good news. With a lot of help to get out of his egg, the chick finally made it! Once strong enough, although still a lot smaller than the rest, the tenth chick, called George, joined his brothers and sisters in the brooder box.

Chicks on Tour!

The children were filled with excitement at the prospect of being able to hold the chicks. During the week, the chicks visited every classroom in the Junior School on their tour. The chicks achieved celebrity status and were closely followed on Twitter!

Flying the Nest…

Rather sadly on Friday, we said goodbye to all ten chicks as went to their new homes. The children thoroughly enjoyed having them in school and they certainly made a very good contribution to our curriculum during the short time they were with us!








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