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Ladies Shoot to the Top

Cokethorpe were very successful at the Oxford Gun Company Schools Challenge, with all three teams doing very well in their categories. Captain Laura Fiedorowicz (Upper Sixth, Vanbrugh) entered a four-way shoot-off for Top gun, coming third. Our young guns all shot very well under pressure with strong scores all round. Nathan Black (Lower Sixth, Harcourt) scored a personal best with 48/50, but unfortunately did not place, even with this high score - a sign of just how tough the competition was.

The day however belonged to our Ladies Team who came first, beating experienced squads such as Bredon and several others, including the Royal Agricultural University. This exceptional achievement is even more impressive when you consider that Cokethorpe has never fielded a female team and that most of our team are young shots who have never experienced a competition. Along with the silverware, top prize was a 20 gauge shotgun which is already ready for use in the School gun room.

Laura Fiedorowicz is exceptionally proud of her squad and hopes to lead them on to further glory in the remaining fixtures. We wish her, Captain Stuart Barbour (Lower Sixth, Harcourt) and all seventeen members of the Shooting Team the best of luck over the coming weeks.








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