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Year 5 Dip Their Toes in the Water

Have you ever wondered how a bag of sugar could win a gold medal for Great Britain? Well, book a visit to the River & Rowing Museum in Henley and all of your questions will be answered!  Year 5 visited the museum on Monday 27 February for their recent Science trip.

'I really enjoyed the model making workshops because I got to design an air-powered boat with my partner and test it.  All we needed were two bottles, some duct tape, a straw and balloons.  Our second attempt, with less weight, managed to go forward. Did you realise that a boat needs to be symmetrical or it could capsize?

We also observed the amazing models and display about life along the river bank.  We used the binoculars to search for birds but I only spotted a pigeon!  The exhibit taught us about swans, voles, rats and kingfishers. There is an animal called a mink which is a vicious predator that has killed a great many water voles along the River Thames.  People are now controlling this problem, thankfully.

When I saw the boats on display in the main gallery I was amazed to see the Olympic 'four' which Sir Steven Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent used in Sydney, Australia.  I noticed a little shelf for a bag of sugar as Steven had to have this each time he ended a race because of his diabetes. Unbelievably, this made the boat heavier so the boatbuilders had to change their design!  Between them they won nine gold medals.

So I highly recommend this museum for any age.  All the exhibits are incredible, amazing and bursting with fascinating information.'

Jonny Li (Year 5, Lockwood) and Vivi Lembke (Year 5, Symonds)

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