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The Big Bang?

On Tuesday 28 February, Sixth Form students welcomed the popular Science author Simon Singh, to give the last of this term's Enlightenment Lectures entitled The Big Bang? A History of the 30(ish) Minutes

'Thanks for inviting me to Cokethorpe - I thoroughly enjoyed talking to your Sixth Form, and I was particularly impressed by the number and depth of the questions. And it was great to continue the conversation with a few the students after the talk, chatting about exoplanets and the edge of the observable universe.'

Simon Singh, Science Author

‘Simon Singh delivered a passionate lecture on one of the most ground-breaking discoveries of the modern era, the Big-Bang Theory. Singh explained the scientific principles behind the discoveries of pioneering astronomers in an entertaining yet easy to understand fashion. He also spoke on the importance of science and mathematics when seeking the truths of the universe, as they provide only an objective view based upon evidence, logic, reasoning, and experimentation. Singh’s talk was not only a pleasure to watch, but fascinating to listen to. I hope to attend more talks from him in the future, as well as read more of his latest books.’

Ben Foster (Upper Sixth, Vanbrugh)

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