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'The Design and Technology Sixth Form Group were recently given the fantastic opportunity to visit the motor sport company Prodrive.

On 28 February students were given an exclusive tour by the company's Events Co-ordinator, Jackie Irwin. She introduced them to the company and its heritage, before showing them a fleet of winning modern racing cars. The tour swiftly continued into the sub assembly where they were introduced to Prodrive's latest racing partnership with Aston Martin.

The students were treated to a scene of half a dozen part assembled Aston Martins, (which each cost up to £750,000 each) that had recently returned from testing in Bahrain. Students were then shown around the body shop which houses a wealth of car parts, before glimpsing into where they make some of their specially engineered components formed out of carbon fibre. Next to the fabrication room to see how some components are formed and welded, where the students saw first-hand some roll cages and McLaren Formula 1 radiators under work. No photos were allowed in the next area, where Prodrive were developing cutting edge new parts for other car companies. Students were shown the latest console found in the next generation of Range Rovers as well as inter coolers for Ford Transit vans.

The tour concluded with a walk through the company's Computer Design suite were students were shown how engineers create their designs on the latest software. It was a truly inspiring trip, showing the importance of Design and Technology within the automobile industry. The Sixth Formers were left in awe, with our Arkwright award holder Mathew Turner saying it was 'the best trip ever!' Their creative juices were truly revved up!'

Tom White, Teacher of DT








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