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On Tuesday 21 February, Year 6 children were transported back in time to the Aztec era!

As they entered the Corinthian Room they were greeted by thumping Aztec drums and the magnificent sun stone lit up in all its glory, surrounded by dozens of authentic artefacts. The Mexicolore team kept the children’s attention through their enthusiastic, lively and knowledgeable approach. Before long they were chanting Aztec Nuhuatl words, dressing in traditional clothing and playing a range of instruments, including a turtle shell drum. The children learnt about the Aztec’s connection to nature and were impressed by the range of foods we have to thank the Aztecs for: pineapples, tomatoes, avocados and especially chocolate! They even learnt how to play an Aztec version of football with a very heavy rubber ball – luckily the traditional punishment of beheading was not enforced on the loser of the game!

Emily Hardy (Year 6, Baker) exclaimed, ‘I loved my experience with them and really felt like I was there. I learnt so much about the Aztecs and had such fun doing so!’

Everyone got a chance to live the life of an Aztec through dancing, singing and leading processions. The morning truly brought the Aztec period to life for Year 6 as they were immersed in the customs and traditions of Tenochtitlan!








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