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Sixth Form Taster Day

There was a strong sense of anticipation in the air when Fifth Form pupils put their GCSE studies to one side for the day, focusing instead on life in the Sixth Form. Enjoying privileges such as use of the Sixth Form Common Room and access to Hacketts, the Fifth Form were also excited to attend taster sessions put on by subject teachers in a variety of different A Level subjects.

In some cases, these sessions confirmed that a subject was not a good fit for A Level study - in others, they enthused and inspired pupils; both experiences are equally important in supporting pupils as they make very important decisions about the next stage in their academic lives. 

In addition to taster lessons, pupils were also challenged to think about how they might take full advantage of what Sixth Form at Cokethorpe offers, whether that is taking a lead role in a Drama performances, supporting new pupils through the buddy scheme or inspiring younger pupils through the AOB programme. The importance of full immersion into school life was exemplified through a research task in which pupils had to dig behind the visible success of a variety of famous figures, thinking carefully about the choices they have made to shape their careers. 

As the day draw to a close, the reality of what lies immediately ahead returned - but now, at least, there is a strong sense of what exciting opportunities lie in store.


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