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It Grows On Trees, Right?

On Tuesday 7 February, Sixth Form students were delighted to welcome Professor Steven Mithen, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Reading University to the School to give a talk entitled 'It grows on trees, right?' Why getting our food took more invention that we thought.  

'I had a marvellous morning at Cokethorpe School. The Enlightenment Lecture series is a really innovative and important way of teaching your students and I was delighted to give a talk about Archaeology. They seemed very receptive and I think it gave them a new view about how different disciplines work together in exploring the past. A fascinating school and great hospitality.'

Professor Steven Mithen

'Professor Steven Mithen gave an enlightening talk on how agriculture developed in the prehistoric age. Professor Mithen has a PhD in archaeology from Cambridge and was an engaging, interesting speaker which resulted in a truly entertaining talk. While archaeology might not be for everyone, Professor Mithen made the talk accessible to all and easy to understand. He also talked about his work around the world at archaeological dig sites and discussed his fascination with discovering the unknown. It was an exceptionally enjoyable experience and I hope he returns in the future to talk about the accomplishments of his wife and students.'

Sam Biles (Lower Sixth, Gascoigne)

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