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Prometheus Bound

'On Thursday 9 February, the Classics Department accompanied seven students of A Level Classical Civilisation to the Greenwood Theatre, King’s College London for a performance of Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound, KCL’s famous and annual Greek Play.

Performed in the original Greek verse composed 2,500 years ago, the production stayed true to the conventions of Ancient Athenian theatre, and manifested an impressive feat of memory and linguistic skill by the actors in the learning of the lines alone. Our students departed the theatre better understanding the challenges of presenting such seminal plays in the manner intended by the poet, and with a clear idea of how the tragedies and comedies they study will have appeared and sounded in their original contexts. It was also their first experience of play in a different language, with surtitles, and is unlikely to be forgotten for that reason alone.'

Mr Goulding, Teacher of Classics

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