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Saddling Up for Charity

The Horseshoe Walk took place on a cold but dry afternoon, with our Sixth Form Prefect, Tom Smith (Upper Sixth, Swift) and Sugar the pony starting the walkers off.  All of the children from Reception Class up to Year 6 joined in with the challenge; with the Cross Country Club using this as an excellent training opportunity.

It was great fun and everyone joined in with the spirit of the occasion; this year many wearing their rosettes and horse riding gear, as well as their colourful hats. We even had some children come along as horses themselves whilst some wore jockey silks!

The route followed a circuit of three kilometres, with each child collecting a sticker at the half-kilometre checkpoints. 1673 stickers were awarded and a total of 836.5 km was covered. This surpassed last year’s total of 812 km. Thank you to all walkers, their sponsors and to the people who helped with the checkpoints and the organisation of the event.

This year the money raised will be presented to New Yatt Riding for the Disabled. The children have learnt about this charity in their Friday assemblies. New Yatt Riding for the Disabled, is a local charity dedicated to providing regular riding lessons for the local disabled community. The charity operates from a 24 acre site with an indoor school. The ponies and horses are carefully chosen for their temperament, size and ability to work with the riders. The service is run by unpaid volunteers and is able to operate due to fundraising efforts, charitable grants and donations from the local community.








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