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First Form Fun at the Oasis

After a rather a lengthy delay of the coach arriving to take us to Swindon, we eventually got to the Oasis in time for our private pool party, where the pool and domebuster chutes were ours alone to enjoy – we had the complete run of the place and made the most of the wave machine, the slides and the dousing buckets of cold water.

Fortunately, School had provided flapjacks so we weren’t completely starving by the end of our session, as the meals that we should have had before our swimming session could no longer be eaten due to our lateness. However, we were very grateful that the local Pizza Hut who made a delivery to the leisure centre and, for those who had ordered burgers or nuggets, were treated to a McDonalds on our way home.

Although the evening did not quite go as planned, the Sixth Form students who accompanied us were a great help, and heartfelt thanks went to all the Lower House tutors who helped make the evening so enjoyable in the end!

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