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Everyday Sexism

On Tuesday 31 January, Sixth Form students were lucky enough to hear a talk from Laura Bates; journalist for the Guardian, British Feminist Writer and Founder of the Everyday Sexism Project. The talk was entitled 'Everyday Sexism, is it just what we do?'  

'Laura Bates' lecture illuminated the severity of issues we regard - or rather, disregard - as menial on a day to day basis. Discussing gender politics through the lens of feminism, we were educated on the ways in which sexism affects everyone. Contextualised by Trump's inauguration and, thus, a critical point for both the progression and regression of gender equality, the issues Bates raised struck home. The currency and reality of topic, for example, sexual harassment, objectification, and body dysmorphia, meant that rather than introducing a foreign ideology, we were coached on an alternative approach to what we already encounter. Followed by fervent questioning and thorough, knowledgeable answers, the talk was engaging and discursive.'

Tamara Lloyd (Lower Sixth, Queen Anne) 

'It was a real pleasure to come to Cokethorpe today and talk to Sixth Form students about sexism and gender inequality. I was really impressed by the way they engaged in such a mature way with the subject matter and by the really excellent and insightful questions – we had a fantastic discussion.'

Laura Bates, BEM


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