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Sixth Form Students See Red

On Monday 30 January,  Sixth Form students were on the edge of their seats listening to the experiences and advice of feature writer for Red Magazine, Miss Cyan Turan.

Miss Turan, who has also written for Fabulous Magazine, the weekly colour supplement to The Sun, spoke from the heart when she told students to get as much experience in all areas of journalism before deciding which route was best for them.

She talked about the change in journalism over the past years with a move to Social Media influencing not only what people think and talk about but also opportunities and routes into this sector.

Her advice included:

  • Use every opportunity you have and she encouraged our students to get in contact with her
  • Ensure you get as much work experience at University as you can and why not start now 
  • Use you contacts and learn how to network
  • Why not set up your own blog
  • Read newspapers and magazines you like – you will be asked at job interviews which papers you like
  • Read more
  • Be curious

Sixth Formers were full of questions and eager to find out about her experiences and her opinion on different types of journalism. Watch this space for our writers of the future!


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