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The Great War

One hundred years ago, Europe was locked in bloody struggle as the First World War raged. To commemorate the sacrifice and service of those who fell and those that lived but lost, Cokethorpe Drama Award holders performed a selection of monologues, songs, scenes and poems exploring the voices of the Great War.

From the optimism and patriotism of the early war, through the horrors of the battlefield to the anger felt toward the jingoism-fuelled powers that fought on, regardless, pupils provided an enormously though-provoking and ambitious programme of work.

Drama Award Holder Performers

Hugo Robathan (Second Form, Gascoigne)
Zoe Smith (Second Form, Vanbrugh)
Jack Harding (Third Form, Feilden)
Mae Topley (Third Form, Harcourt)
Grace Ettinger (Third Form, Harcourt)
James Shaw (Fourth Form, Harcourt)
George Kinniburgh (Fourth Form, Harcourt)
Hayden Camidge (Fourth Form, Vanbrugh)
Ella Dalton (Fourth Form, Swift)
Freddie Traish (Fifth Form, Swift)
Ella Mattinson (Fourth Form, Harcourt)
Lydia Wannell (Lower Sixth, Feilden)
Samuel Bird (Lower Sixth, Harcourt)
Ardan Devine (Upper Sixth, Queen Anne)








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