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Disposable People

A2 Drama and Theatre Studies candidates: Mia Biles (Upper Sixth, Gascoigne), Ardan Devine (Upper Sixth, Queen Anne), Arthur Blake (Upper Sixth, Gascoigne), Laurence Scott (Upper Sixth, Swift), Gabriel Cox (Upper Sixth, Vanbrugh) and Hannah Deacon (Upper Sixth, Queen Anne) presented their devised piece entitled Disposable People in The Shed on Tuesday 17 January.

Their intensive research was brought to life through a thought-provoking montage of scenes exploring issues such as war, exploitation, deceit and abandonment. Set amongst the detritus of a rubbish dump this splendid ensemble production exposed a range of personal stories, using verbatim theatre, of those considered dispensable in society. Following the performance, the students engaged in a question and answer session with the audience, gauging their responses to the issues presented which provoked a great deal of interesting debate.








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