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Inter-House Music and Drama

The Inter-House Music and Drama competition saw Houses compete in four different categories - vocal ensemble, drama monologue, whole House song and drama ensemble.

After a fantastic set of vocal ensembles in 2015, this year the Houses were faced with the task of raising the bar even further. All houses successfully stepped up to this challenge, however, and there was great competition for the winning spot with single points between the top three houses. Tom Orton (Second Form, Swift)  led Queen Anne with their winning rendition of Dancing In The Moonlight for which he was also awarded Outstanding Individual Musician of the day. This combined with the whole house’s rousing performance of David Bowie’s Changes directed by Dr Winkley drove home their victory as they were crowned as overall winners of the Music Competition for 2016.

In the monologue category of the drama, one member from each House presented a dramatic speech written by either William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde or George Bernard-Shaw.  The drama ensemble was made up of six actors, one from each House, who performed together in an adaptation of a selection of scenes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Sophie Bale, who has a wealth of experience in theatre and the arts, was our Drama judge for the day and old boy Gerard Smith (OC 2009, Swift), now a professional actor, singer and writer, judged both music and drama. Every performer gave their all on stage and were applauded for their bravery and talent. Queen Anne House won the Drama competition and Ardan Devine (Upper Sixth, Queen Anne), also from Queen Anne, won the individual Drama cup.

Monologues Category with Judge’s Comment:

Frankie Brown (Fourth Form, Vanbrugh) as Mabel from An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde: 

‘Good physical characterisation - engaged well with the audience.’


Isobel Ponsford (Fifth Form, Gascoigne) as Helena from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare: 

‘An elegant and engaging performance’


Ardan Devine (Upper Sixth, Queen Anne) as Antipholus from A Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare: 

‘An engaging and amusing performance. Very confident comic characterisation which made it thoroughly enjoyable to watch.’


Grace Bartle (Fifth Form, Harcourt) as Mrs Arbuthnot from A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde: 

‘A passionate performance, heartfelt, thoughtful believable.’


Anna Wallace (Fifth Form, Swift) as Aloysia from On the Rocks by George Bernard-Shaw:

‘Good pace and energy – capturing the character and the audience.’


Lydia Wannell (Lower Sixth, Feilden) as Joan of Arc from Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw:

‘The energy given to the vocalisation bought the character to life.’


Ensemble Category with Judge’s Comment:

Hayden Camidge as Quince (Fourth Form, Vanbrugh)

Mia Biles as Snug (Upper Sixth, Gascoigne)

Tara Devine as Snout (Fourth Form, Queen Anne)

Grace Ettinger as Starveling (Third Form, Harcourt)

Ella Dalton as Bottom (Fourth Form, Swift) 

Jack Harding as Flute (Third Form, Feilden)


‘The ensemble piece was packed with energy with everyone playing their part fully. All the actors had developed their characters well and as such drove the piece along. It was very animated and physical and I enjoyed sharing in with the fun as an audience member.’








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