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Christmas Card Competition

The Junior School Christmas Card competition saw the Foundation Office inundated with entries. This year, the competition was split into four categories with each category winner getting a set of 25 Christmas Cards professionally printed featuring their winning design.

The range of creative ideas was outstanding, from collage to finger painting and from pastels to pencil crayons. The subject matter was equally diverse with polar bears and peacocks being joined by firm favourites including Christmas trees, snowmen and reindeers. The difficult job of judging was left to the Headmaster who deliberated for quite some time before making his final selection. Thank you to all who entered, picking the winners was a very tough decision!

Congratulations to the winners:
Beatrice Kendall (Year 1, Symonds), Chloe Webber (Year 2, Symonds), Cash Burridge (Year 4, Lockwood) and Alice Smith (Year 6, Baker). 








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