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Gig Night

The audience was treated to yet another fabulous night of music on Thursday 15 December in The Shed with many of the performers coming from the lower year groups on this occasion. The night kicked off with the jazz band playing a song made famous by Grover Washington Jr  called Mr Magic that featured Harry Creak (Upper Sixth, Feilden) on tenor sax playing a great solo.

There were some very good performances, probably to many to list them all, but I have to mention the following pupils Khadija Karrouchi (Second Form, Harcourt), Ruby Colleton (Second Form, Gascoigne), Zoe Smith (Second Form, Vanbrugh), Emily Mumford (Second Form, Feilden), Daisy Colliss-Quinton (Second Form, Feilden), Maddie Abbs-Woodd (First Form, Gascoigne), Jessica Davies (First Form, Gascoigne), Poppy Stewart (First Form, Gascoigne), Emma Whittenbury (First Form, Vanbrugh) and Lucas Goodgame (Second Form, Feilden) who are all in either First or Second Form and gave outstanding performances in their first ever Gig Night. Our veteran performers also took to the stage with Olivia Stacey (Third Form, Swift) doing a lovely version of Feeling Good by Nina Simone, Casper Bolton (Second Form, Vanbrugh) playing guitar and singing a version of Wake Me  Up When September Ends by Green Day, Ollie Charles (Fourth Form, Gascoigne) also playing guitar and singing a version of When You Love Someone by James TW.

There was also an original rock song from Charlie Clarke (Fourth Form, Harcourt), Finley Wightman (Fourth Form, Queen Anne), Tom Alford (Fourth Form, Swift) and Athis Knox (Fourth Form, Feilden) that was well received by the audience. Treat yourself to a good night of music and come to the next gig night, see you then.








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