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Pre-Prep Count Christmas

The Pre-Prep performed their Nativity, Christmas Counts on Friday 9 December and for many parents, it represented the start of Christmas celebrations. This performance certainly didn’t disappoint with Mrs Mace’s costumes creating a colourful spectacle against Mrs Hammond’s artwork in the Corinthian Room.

It’s the first Christmas night in Bethlehem and a rather ferocious Caesar (Alexander Phinbow) decided that that everyone in his Empire should be counted. The Census Takers (Carter Burridge, Nathaniel Brown, Harrison Barnes) immediately set off on a long journey to carry out his urgent decree counting everyone they meet along the way. This included Villagers, Shepherds, Angels, Kings and even Baby Jesus!

Parents were treated to a charming performance in which every child had lines to say and lively songs to sing. Some of the pupils sang group verses or solos.  A Long, Long Way sung by the narrators  (Merryn Tattersall, Heather Homeward, Maggie West) as Mary and Joseph (Katy Stiger, Benjamin Longman) made their long journey to Bethlehem and One Baby performed as a solo by a Shepherd (Daisy Drake) were particular highlights.

Reception class stole the show (their first acting role on the stage) and suited their role perfectly as the endearing sheep leaping to their feet during the counting (Baa!) or as the countless host of Angels appearing before the Shepherds. Other endearing moments included dancing Angels (Darcy Atkinson Bobbie Hunt) performing beautifully in the aisle and also the final song, the rousing Christmas Counts for Everyone sung by all the Pre Prep children, which concluded this magical show.








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