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Mystery at Magpie Manor

The Junior School transported their audience back to the roaring twenties with two dazzling performances on Wednesday 30 November and Thursday 1 December.

The ancient ancestral home of Lord and Lady Pica (Reece Waltho, Faith Jolleys) known as Magpie Manor was in such a dreadful state of disrepair that a plan was hatched by Mr Fortune (Freddie Murfitt) and his bumbling assistants (Frederick Smith, Max Quartley, Freddie Fellows , Lewie Camidge) to save the house. This involved auctioning off the ‘Pica Pica solid silver pitcher with the magpie picture!’, a highly valuable object d’art due to raise at least £30,000 at Auction (How much?) run by the amusing auctioneer Ivor Gavel (Joseph Curry).
However it was stolen in the midst of the Ball, attended by none other than The Prince of Wales (Amelia Atkinson) and other ‘celebrities’ of the 1920’s including Winston Churchill (Molly Ferrier) and Herbert Austin (Zachary Wheeler). The Magpies (Year 3) set the scene brilliantly with their swirling movement and dramatic makeup.

The rather sinister Inspector Spectre (Sebastian Wall) and Agatha Christie (Dee Biles) attempt to solve the hideous crime and save the crumbling manor from impending disaster. A special mention must be given to Daniel Ferrier who did a splendid job as Cousin Rupert but also took over Lord Pica’s role at the very last moment to truly hilarious effect! This was the first time for many of the children to be performing in The Shed and what a good job they all did. Mrs Mace’s costumes provided a most wonderful spectacle with the dazzling fringed flapper gowns contrasting with the ‘below stairs’ severity of the servants clothes.

The delivery of lines included many comedic moments and different accents were word perfect and the acting, singing and dancing was of a very high standard. Incredibly all 110 pupils had learnt The Charleston!  The Shed came into its own with the use of amazing lighting (designed by Hayden Camidge (Fourth Form, Vanbrugh)) a live band and backdrops using vibrant slides of the different scenes. It was wonderful to see every child from Year 3 - Year 6 perform on stage, often mixing different year groups which contributed to the feel-good nature of the show.  Every child acted and performed brilliantly and many parents commented it was one of the best productions they had seen from the Junior School.








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