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'That’s outrageous!' Satirical Cartoons

In the third Enlightenment Lecture of the term, Sixth Form students were lucky enough to welcome Ian Keable to give a talk on Satirical Cartoons. The title of the talk was  'That’s Outrageous!' Satirical Cartoons: Why They Mattered Then, and Why They Really Matter Now. Ian is an authority on political and satirical cartoons and caricatures from the 18th and early 19th century.

'Waltzing through the historical timeline of political satire, Ian Keable shone light onto the sarcastic insights of 18th century artists like William Hogarth through to the caustic wit of modern day cartoonists. In light of the US presidential election and Brexit, Keable's talk explored the issues around freedom of expression, controversy, and current affairs, all against a backdrop of historical contexts. Riddled with subtle humour and inference, Keable’s talk was thoroughly enjoyable. On behalf of the Sixth Form, thank you for lighting the match of debate.'   

Tamara Lloyd (Lower Sixth, Queen Anne)

'It was great to be invited as part of Cokethorpe School's Sixth Form Enlightenment Programme to give my talk on the Birth and Development of Political Cartoons.  Unusually for a school, an information pack about the equipment available, the venue details, who the talk was for, the object of the talks and the recommended timing was sent out in advance; so this made it much easier to plan the preparation of the talk.  The facilities at the school were excellent with a good set-up for the PowerPoint screening; tiered seating meant it was easy for all the pupils to clearly see.  The pupils were very attentive and a couple of very intelligent questions were asked as a follow-up at the completion of my presentation.  Afterwards I had a very good lunch in the school canteen.  All in all I give it 10 out of 10 from my experience as the lecturer.'

Ian Keable 

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