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Year 5 Go With The Flow!

'On Monday 14 November, Year 5 headed out to the River Windrush at Minster Lovell. After a short walk past the church and the old manor house ruins we stood on the banks of the river. Armed with clipboards and activity sheets, they observed their surroundings collecting and recording information. Samples of water from stagnant pond and flowing river were bottled and compared. We were lucky enough to see a heron fishing up close in the pond! Afterwards we set off across muddy fields on the floodplain to go and see the noisy weir. This was the first of our two field trips as part of our Geography topic of ‘Rivers’ in which Year 5 have been looking in details at the course of a river.

A week later we headed out on our second field trip, to the River Thames at Buscot. Here the river was much wider and deeper than the shallow stream at Minster Lovell. At Buscot the children studied the lock and were in the middle of trying to explain how it worked when the Lock Keeper offered to show them it in action! After this we went for a walk along the river following its side as it meandered across the floodplain. Once back in the classroom the children discussed and shared their observations before looking at the journey of the River Thames beyond Buscot, all the way to the sea!'  

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