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Head Found Dead in The Shed!

The title of the production this year was A Blow to the Head, the story of the retirement party for a long standing headmaster filled with intrigue, twists and importantly a title which proved to be a complete red herring.

Set in the Old Town Grammar School, the story centred round the leaving of Mr Masterson (Mr Lawson) after many years of loyal service.  But Mr Masterson had a secret or two!  His wife, Rosemary (Mrs C Hooper) who always relished the odd tipple or four, led us all to believe she had a motive.  We were then introduced to the Deputy Headmaster, Robert Stevens (Mr T Walwyn), who clearly had an axe to grind after many years of teaching chemistry, being shunned for promotion.  The Headmaster’s besotted and loyal secretary, Joyce Williams (Mrs T Whitcombe) had also endured from afar, the Headmaster’s philandering.

Next we were introduced newly weds and ex pupils, Murray (Mr P Goulding) and Janice Evans (Mrs C Matthews). Murray clearly had a bright future that was quashed and Janice had an active past which was haltered by motherhood.  It would be remiss not to mention the sports master, Geoffrey Anderson (Dr R Power) and his adidas track pants which were obviously on steroids.  All this served up a soup of intrigue, mystery and murderous intent and who better to unravel the callous killing of the cunning Headmaster than Mrs S Orton in her seamless, debut role as Inspector Bertha Slack.

The audience were then given a delicious and very welcome curry, with thanks to the Catering Team and then time to deliberate the who, why and hows of such a tragedy. 

The murder was revealed to be Mr Stevens, the Deputy Headmaster who stabbed the Headmaster in the back with a knife from the kitchen!  This was guessed correctly by two tables who were suitably rewarded with Prosecco.

Extensive thanks to all the Cokethorpe Players and especially Mrs Hooper for providing a delightfully colourful script.  Also, to Linda Mace who for the first time, managed the lighting, Mrs Wadeson in the Box Office for managing the bookings and the Maintenance Team for all their support both before and after the event.

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