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Crawford Relay 2016

On Friday 14 October, staff and pupils gathered in the lower quad in anticipation of the annual, fiercely competed, Inter-House Crawford Relay.

With each house represented, two staff teams and two teams from the Junior School, it was a crowded starting line.

On the third toll from the bell, high up in the bell tower above the start line, the runners were off with a frantic pace set as they made their way through the school. The course winds though the quads and finishes with a loop around the front of the Manson House. It is a challenging middle-distance course that tests both the fitness and the pacing of the competitors. The route was lined with pupils from the Senior School and Sixth Form cheering on their respective teams.

Following the final handover the spectators in the lower quad eagerly kept watch for the first team to appear back under the bell tower and take the 2016 title.

A huge congratulations goes to Swift for an impressive winning run.

Full results:

  1.  Swift
  2. Queen Anne
  3. Vanbrugh
  4. Feilden
  5. Gascoigne
  6. Harcourt

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