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National Restart a Heart Day

Tuesday 18 October marks the British Heart Foundation’s national incentive "Restart a Heart Day".

Our Fifth Form and Lower Sixth AOB First Aid pupils to demonstrate the skills they have been learning in their AOB class with First Aid Trainer Clare Holford.

Clare said: ‘The group are now able to recognise an unresponsive casualty, open a casualty's airway and check for breathing. They are also able to place the casualty in the recovery position and they know to call the ambulance and begin CPR.

‘Today we demonstrated a defibrillator and in the next couple of weeks the students will be getting to grips with it themselves.

‘The School has a defibrillator on site and it is wonderful that students are willing and keen to have a go and become familiar with how to use it. Thank you Cokethorpe for supporting your students in First Aid training and recognising today's National Event in such a positive way.’

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